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Do you have a Twitter account? Do you tweet in English? Did you know there are lots of people you can follow who can help you with your English?

If you don’t have a Twitter account, this video will help you to join. You don’t have to write on it, because you will learn a lot just from reading the things you find on Twitter, but writing is great practice!


Here are some of the people/organisations you can follow, along with their bios. Most of the tweeters here share useful links or teach you vocabulary in a word/phrase of the day format. If they do other things too, it tells you in their bios.


Tweets in Spanish

  • madridESL

    Mejora tu inglés! Pronunciación, gramática, vocabulario y cultura americana en mi web.

    Madrid, Spain ·


A hashtag is a topic on Twitter. Every time someone includes # followed by a word, it becomes a hashtag. You can read hashtags without joining Twitter by using Tweetchat.

#twinglish is a hashtag especially for English-language learners, where learners from around the world share what they are doing and practise their English at the same time. Others are #engpls and #eigo.

You can also find hashtags for any of your hobbies. It’s a great way to learn words connected to the things you like. For example, if you enjoy films, you could follow the #film hashtag.


If you think I’ve missed any useful tweeters or hashtags for English-language learners, please let me know in the comments, and tell me why English learners should follow them.

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Comments on: "Twitter for English-Language Learners" (2)

  1. very helpful video…thank you

  2. spellingcitymayor said:

    I would suggest VocabularySpellingCity as a resource for English language learners. There are thousands of vocabulary lists with common usage, sentences you can see and listen to, definitions, and games. Here’s an example of a Spanish girl using it to work on her English.

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