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One of my students recently asked me what she could do to help her work on her business English at home, in addition to attending the general English classes she has with me. I found a few links to start her off, and thought they might be useful for other students too.

Business English Pod is a podcast series which you can download for free, although you have to pay if you want to get any of the extra resources that are published with the episodes. They are divided into categories like meetings, telephoning and negotiations.

The business and work section of the British Council Learn English website has two podcasts and a business English online magazine. British Council also has an English for business section.

Business English Resources has lots of lists of phrases and vocabulary in their student section, along with some short exercises to practise them.

Business Spotlight magazine is published in Germany. Here’s an example of one edition.The magazine is available at three levels, A2, B1-B2 and C1-C2. All of the articles are in English, with a glossary of English-German translations for difficult words with each article. Their website is mostly in German, but there are lots of useful exercises on there if you dig a little – I think it’s worth it even if you don’t speak German. You can listen, read, and practise vocabulary.

Christine Burgmer has a business English blog aimed at students.

Business English Study has complete lessons based around video recordings, which you can work through as self-study.

Richmond Mazes are cheap ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style books and ebooks which are based around work situations. You can read my review of ‘Crisis at Clifton’ on my other blog.

What else would you recommend?


Wall Street, here you come! (Photo by Marjorie Rosenberg, taken from ELTpics

P.S. Teachers might be interested in this list of links for teaching business English from my other blog.

P.P.S. Hopefully this post marks me starting to post on this blog again 😉


Comments on: "Business English self-study links" (2)

  1. A lot of my articles are for people who want to improve their business English – my blog is here: Also, I put together a PDF called 100 resources for improving your business English to celebrate episode 100 of the podcast. You can request it here: – I hope these links are useful to someone!

  2. Also thanks for putting together this list. I discovered some new resources to recommend to students as well!

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